Drapery / Curtains Cleaning

Do your home’s drapes and curtains need some extra attention and cleaning? If so, give give us a call and we will come, take and clean them.

When it comes to your drapery & curtains InTime Carpet Cleaning understands that the windows in your home are very important. Drapery Cleaning is one of our specially cleaning services. Our technicians will offer you complimentary take down and reinstallation of your drapery. Our intense cleaning process will eliminate all traces of odour, smoke, dust, pollen and stains that may have accumulated over time.

It is easy to wash your clothes and your sheets, but that is not all the fabric in your house that can hold onto dust and dander. One of the often overlooked, and difficult items to clean, in your house are your drapes and curtains. Calling for InTime Carpet Cleaning drapery cleaning job is one way to take the stress out of your life and help you have a clean, healthy home.

If you were to tackle this task on your own, it would take you a minimum of one hour to clean them. It is suggested that you vacuum the drapes weekly, which can be easy but the rest of the care for the curtains gets more difficult. You will need to remove all the hardware, and then carefully read the label to see what detergents and wash cycles are to be used. When you use our curtain cleaning services, it means that you will not be walking up and down the stepladder and lifting heavy fabric, as we will do it for you.

When you call for your drapery to be cleaned in InTime Carpet Drapery Cleaning service, you can feel confident to know that your health and well-being are taken into consideration. We know that homeowners do not desire to make more work for themselves, but the need to have a clean, healthy home is vital.

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Benefits of Drapery Cleaning

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Drapery cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants

  • Creates a healthier environment for the family

  • Enhances the appearance

  • The service is affordable

We make the cleaning of your drapery personal and we will ensure that we get right into those fibers and dig the dirt out. As professional carpet & drapers cleaners we clean deep in the fibers, freeing particulates and eliminating them creating a safe and health environment for you and your family.

InTime Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet cleaning company you will find that makes drapery cleaning stress free when it comes to your budget. Your health is a priority and we have made it our mission. Our cleaning services aims to offer you best carpet cleaning service available in order to save your time and money, without compromising the cleaning materials used.

InTime Carpet Cleaning promise to give outstanding customer service as well as satisfaction because we look forward to working with you again on your next project. Call us today to request your quote.  Our friendly staff is waiting to hear from you.

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Emergency Cleaning

If your apartment has not been cleaned prior to your arrival, or an end of tenancy cleaning was not done properly. InTime Cleaning can help.

Contract Cleaning Service

Our cleaners are trained to be sensitive within the working environment, and you can be rest assured that every care will be taken when cleaning your work spaces.

Domestic Cleaning Service

In a busy life, there’s no doubting the benefits of a home cleaning service but finding a reliable cleaner is not an easy task.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We will come in and clean everything from top to toe, carpets, upholstery, and the list goes on.

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Our Residential Cleaning Services

If you are thinking about a residential cleaning services in Fraser Valley and surrounding area then we are just the company you are looking for. InTime Cleaning offers one of the best residential cleaning service to fulfill your extensive and detailed needs. You will be satisfied with our residential cleaning service as we provide quality service at an affordable price. We provide the following residential cleaning services:

Areas We Serve:

  • Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada
  • Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
  • Coquitlam, BC, Canada
  • Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

  • Mission, BC, Canada

  • Surrey, BC, Canada

  • White Rock, BC, Canada

  • Langley, BC, Canada
  • Richmond, BC, Canada

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

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